March 5, 2019

Roshen Film Advert By Bart&Fink: Roshen Dark Chocolate

In Ukraine, where brands feel ashamed to create something that is called advertisement and try to add some philosophical and really sophisticated background over their product, Roshen decided to be that brand, who is ok to be “just a perfect chocolate” and created ironic advert which recalls all that stereotypes and chocolate cliches in their new spot made with Ukrainian creative agency BART&FINK.

When you are already number one on the market and you are really confident about your quality and the taste of your chocolate, you don’t have to say that it is made with perfect cacao beans somewhere over the rainbow, or for the hundredth time underline that dark chocolate is bitter and sweet. Everyone already knows that.

You can be witty and make fun of the category, sit down with your customer over the TV screen and sound like “look what a hilarious stuff we made about our awesome chocolate”. And still, be a number one.

Therefore, keeping with the best traditions, we have this high-end spot with the perfect man (obviously), perfect song (come on, we all know it), perfect decorations (Lana Del Rey would be jealous) and a bit of flamingo, because who else can do that?

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